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Indie scene… Abbreviated from "independent," indie has become an entire genre that includes music, movies, clothing styles, and other facets of culture. It is characterized by its separation from commercial institutions and mainstream lines, and is often considered synonymous to alternative styles.

‘Indie’ is a modern day alternative sub culture defined by its associated music, fashion, behaviour and beliefs. It is a culture that emerged in the 1980’s as a by word for attitude and anti-commercialism with a territory of its own kind of music and film. It prided itself in protesting against the mainstream. Like many subcultures before it, the indie culture has become part of youth subcultures.55118_f520

Indie music rose to new heights with bands such as The Smiths, Sonic Youth and The Pixies, who were successful due to their new indie fan following. They were not signed to major record labels, instead opting for the independent music label, usually managing their whole careers. The original indie kids bought clothes from second hand shops, wore cardigans, scarves, waistcoats, jeans, aviator glasses and devoted themselves to independent music labels. They had a strong sense of being outside the music business machine and ultimately the mainstream.

The main characteristics of modern indie clothing trends are uniqueness and individuality. Clothing items include band T-shirts, vintage clothes, striped tops, blazers, waistcoats, ties, cardigans, skinny jeans and Converse shoes.

Indie kids often reject brand names and like to make fun of people that shop at big retail chain stores for spending so much money...

Indie movies often include "unknowns" and are made with little money. Sundance, Cannes, and other film festivals feature such flicks. Major Indie films include "The Science of Sleep," "Volver," "Babel," and "Fast Food Nation."

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Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (09th September 2010)


Lauren jonczak said...

Lately I have been really into indie clothing boutiques
instead of the normal department stores. I feel like they have better things to pick from. My boyfriend is a huge fan of Indie movies, Ill have to ask him if he has ever seen The Science of Sleep. Thanks so much for sharing.

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