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By Pathum Punchihewa

I am depressed. I am disappointed. I know that’s not a nice tagline to start an article but I was just describing the recent mental frame of mind I am in!

Nobody can stay high up on cloud number 9 and always keep the spirit of life at an intense level. Everybody has their inclination as well as high lands. Even the happy prince cannot stay with his lustre smile forever!

Usually  I don’t like to share my personal feelings with anybody however today I think that analyzing my mentality and how I got over it will be helpful for the ‘guide’ column. Now, we start.

How do we understand the symptoms of depression? Symptoms include feeling hopeless or helpless about life. These feelings can translate into feeling less interested in your hobbies, sports, clubs or other activities that you are involved in.

Someone who is depressed may be sleeping and eating a lot more, or less than they used to before she felt depressed. Other indications of depression include a big drop in grades, hanging out with a different group of friends or dropping friends altogether.

It's important to distinguish clinical depression from other emotions such as grief. If you have experienced a loss, such as the death of someone close, or you've just broken up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, it's normal to feel down for a period of time. A period of grief may last from several weeks to even a year. It's important to realize that grief is feeling sad about your loss, a natural reaction. But sometimes people don't work through their loss and it can turn into depression.

The worst part of depression is sometimes someone may feel so depressed that they may plan to end everything and kill themselves! For the record, I got over it, don’t worry everybody!

Now for the cure to the problem. It is important to get help right away if you feel depressed or suicidal. But before feelings turn worse there are always some things you can do by yourself.

I’ve used an old method of mine to overcome depressive feelings. I call it ‘the big picture of life’. I started to plan the big picture of my life with an exclusive year plan. That made me easy and I started to recover.

Importantly there is a vital thing you should do if you suffer from depression. You should talk to somebody, which I didn’t do but yes I had the moral support from a periphrastic way. Nobody wants to be lonely and nobody can stay alone forever.

Books, support from friends, improving your self esteem, affirmations, websites about depression all can help  you give yourself the best chance for a depression cure that will work for you.

Now, let’s summarize the facts I’ve brought up. Be true to yourself, Look to the present, drop the worries about the future and the regrets of the past. Focus on positives not negatives, Give yourself permission to move forward, Work on your self confidence and self esteem. Make a list of everything that you are thankful for in your life… So everybody, happiness is a gift, it’s always inside you… happiness will never look at you unless you look at it…

Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (16th September 2010)


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