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Tales of a Vagabond...

By Pathum Punchihewa

Immediately after you finish your good old school times, you are either on the beginning of higher education or you are on high dosed dreams of a fresh career. Normally, at this stage, only a rare few young school leavers or more politely, Young and energetic employees have a perfect expectation about ‘what my career plan should be ‘ or the answer for ‘who should I become one day’.

That’s quite unavoidable as fresh career learners always need some time to brush up from old sermons about life and tune up from ‘the system’, to the new career world they are about to step in to. For the first one or two years it’s a learning circle and some talented and more capable apprentices catch everything quickly and move forward fast.

There is the rare breed that already have perspective towards their professional life, they have the perfect answer for ‘who am I meant to become’, before they even start to climb the ladder of career. And if you are one of that rare breed, today’s article is definitely not for you but you could read it as well.

Newly starting a profession is always exciting because there are many things you have to learn. And with that sensation and excitement, anybody will always like their first job.

chessAfter a few exciting years, if it is not the profession you really want it starts to be a habit. Now your profession is not something keeping you alive and fresh. You sense that something is missing. The excitement begins to fade away. It simply dissolves and discontentment comes and fills the space. And the worst part is, it starts to influence your activities as well.

At this stage you may miss your duties; you may not be able to cope well with fellow workers. You may feel like you are stocked in quick sand. Either you cannot come up or you cannot move. And then mental disorders appear. Depression first, and slowly and painfully it affects your personal life too.

Now, Why does all this happen, is it because you failed to choose the correct career program…? Or maybe your valuation about yourself is wrong. And this shouldn’t be the end point of your career no doubt.

There is a word called "inertia". After we attach ourselves to an organization or a company it’s hard to leave.

I have a friend that put his every effort to build up a business. After 4 years, today it is a well built large company that runs well. But business is always business. Now things have changed and my friend feels that as the company is not granting sufficient attention to old workers who have sacrificed good years to build the empire it might be time to push off but still he’s attached to the company. He feels like he cannot leave the company that he contributed to build.

Now, what I have to say is, wake up! Think about your own future first. Always keep goals and strategy plans and work according to the plan always. If you feel it’s "enough", and if you can gain more in your professional life with another company, it’s definitely a green light to have a fresh start from a higher level!

Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (28th October 2010)


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