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Today Love Guru may sound a little cynic and if you reasonably guess Love Guru writes this because he is experiencing some frantic incidents recently, Zanies, you are absolutely…  correct!

If somebody says that ‘love hurts’ well, I cannot blame him. Love has never been defined and never will be. We read novels about love without limitations, see movies about it on the big screen, and that we can live happily ever after, but wake up, it's not real life!

The fact of the matter is, our expectations are sometimes too high and the poor mate we choose can't humanly live up to what our expectations are and it is like a chain reaction. The word "grow up" is the key to this problem I suppose. All couples have disagreements, lose their temper ever so often, feel like they want to quit in the relationship and move on and that’s natural indeed.

823892_0For our young eyes, love can be so magical or hurt to the very core of a person's being and feel like life is over. It is because of inexperience and because youth is a learning curve. Heartbreak upon loss from another person you love helps you to become stronger and it is a learning path as to what you really do want in a lifelong partner. It 'preps' you for that one true love that Love Guru can promise you will meet in the future!

It's a tough road sometimes, we all have our disappointments and lost loves, but manage to live and forge on. When you truly find love, you never lose it. You will realize the guys or girls you 'thought' you loved really wasn't love at all. Through Side effects of love, strangers may survive…

If love can hurt so much ... why bother to love? That’s another story…


- Love Guru aka Pathum Punchihewa

Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (30th September 2010)


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Stay away love after fall in love :-)

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