Stories of the open road

Tales of a Vagabond...

By Pathum Punchihewa

Remember my old saying; life is all about options or alternatives… Almost always a slightly different choice will ultimately lead your life to a great and prodigious change. The Butterfly effect… the same theory we used to understand the continuum of time and space and the side effects of time travelling! If you say it’s abstruse, well I agree but its not as complicated as  life itself!

Considering alternatives, there are 3 things you can do with your life and all those three options absolutely depend on your decisions, your philosophies, your acts and retributions. ‘You can spend your life, you can waste your life or you can invest your life in others’…

Anybody will question back reasonably when you quote the above, as ‘who will decide to waste one’s life’? That’s partially true. If somebody decides to cheat on an exam, that doesn’t mean he wants to throw his life away to waste. The person desperately wants to pass the exam as he considers that it will make his life a better one, it will brighten his future and it is not an attitude of somebody who merely want to waste his life.

But on the other hand, there is a 50/50 probability for either he passes the exam or gets caught on the charge of cheating on an exam. And that probability percentage could be differing based on certain facts but still you can get caught and the sanction might be cancelling your exam and maybe your studentship.

Now, do you still think this isn’t wasting one’s precious life? That’s how a life depends on a choice and suddenly changes.

Today as we can see, there are many positive thinking programmes, workshops and symposiums around the world.  They all publish that they change your life, they change your world and although techniques might change from a programme to programme, the basic principle remains certain and uniform.

Positive thinking… that’s something tricky and that is the perfect ingredient of life which inhibits your instincts, which pull your strings to make the right choices. Make you to spend your life without wasting it. Maybe you will plan to waste your life consciously and those are symptoms of depression.

Now, wasting your life is out of the question. What is the difference between spending your life and investing your life…? I would like to showcase the ultimate result of spending life and investing life rather than merely answering the question. If you have spent your life, you will die as a happy person, a good person and that’s all. Not bad compared to the  ‘waste your life’ option.

But if you were investing your life on others for all those good years, you also die as a happy and good person and in the same time you will die as a living prodigy. You will be a legend of all times. People believe in you as an ideologist that changed the world.

And that’s how you leave a legacy...


Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (30th September 2010)


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