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Today this column is dedicated to guys which in a relationship. OK, if you are still single… but ready to mingle… you can also join the club.

What is the biggest complain of your girl friend? ‘YOU ARE NOT LISTENING TO ME’. Am I right? Of course you are trying to listen and give her a solution, you are trying to solve her problem but she still screams…“you are not listening to me”.

Now you are in a puzzle. Is she nuts?

Well no. but you are nuts. Why are you trying to solve her problem? She doesn’t need your expert advise or solutions. She doesn’t want to solve it at all. All she needs is a listener; to release her stress from sharing it with you. And she expects you to listen to her problem instead of crash her talk and throw solutions. Time will help her to find a solution by herself.

All you have to do is pay your total attention and be a pillow to her. Then she will rank you as a good listener and most importantly a good partner. And that’s all you want. Don’t you bro?

Of course as a boy you will say this is ridiculous but that’s how girls think. They are just different from us. And we have to admit it.

Love Guru aka Pathum Punchihewa
Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (01st October, 2009)


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