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As a Z generation lover you may have no idea about this old fashioned way of expressing love, via handmade love letters. If you ask from your mom or dad, they will definitely say (Of course with a shy smile) that how they exchanged love letters in the good old days.

Yes. Today you don’t need to write love letters with scarcely tacked love quotes or poems in fancy and perfumed writing pads and deliver it to your sweetheart after accomplishing a commando mission. Today it’s easier. You have SMS, you have emails. You have facebook massages and myriad other ways.

But I think none of this can give the feeling of a love letter. It’s classic and it has a style. And it touches the bottom of the heart.

If you are a modern lover, a Z gen lad or a chick, Try this old fashioned method for a change. And believe me; it will polish your love for sure and add more fire.

Pathum Punchihewa
Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (01st October, 2009)


Naliya said...

nice post bro...continue ur wring

LishWish said...

expressing love by using moren technology is a another thing. but when you use vintage method [as you say] you need high dose of courage and experience about how to face the situation called " screw me nicely ".. hope you got me machan...!

gud luck machan...!

Pathum Punchihewa said...

@ lishan

yes brother, loud and clear... :P
Its true, but vintage methods can do many great things if you pull the right string. Believe me I'm telling you through my experiences. ;)

@ Naliya

thanks brother...

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