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When you make a mistake or someone else faults you, what is the hardest part? seeking forgiveness or granting forgiveness? Obviously,granting forgiveness is easier than seeking forgiveness. Nevertheless, both attributes are hard to achieve and for a feeble one, it will be an impossible task.

What will you receive when you forgive someone's mistake? Surely, you will feel at peace, relieved and happy for what you did. And think... As a teen, will you never commit a mistake? If you are the guilty one and others refuse to forgive you; will it be easy for you to bear the pain in mind? If you can recall that feeling, the next time you will never hesitate to forgive. We often forgive wrong doings. But our pride remembers it forever. Just forget the pride for a moment. That never harms to your personality but sharpen it.

Adolescent is a period of pride. Dignity always comes first. And for the sake of arrogance, a teen will hesitate to say "sorry". In your school, when you commit a misdoing, the teacher will either advise you or punish you. The same will happen at home. And that allows you to put right your mistake. But when you step in to the professional life, a mistake will cost more. Sometimes it will cost your rank or your occupation. Mistakes are unavoidable. But, you may be able to change the entire situation with a simple 'sorry' which expresses your true repentance.

yes, the words which express your regret have such a potential to change a sparking situation. But beware, that doesn't mean you can do anything right or wrong with an easy escape route through mere words.

Being humble will make it easy for you to grant or seek forgiveness. When you become a professional after your school life, you may feel insecure among all the seniors and that may plunge you into a dilemma. How could you work perfectly without committing a mistake? Or how do you learn through mistakes if you fear to accept your mistakes? Remember...If you are brave enough to accept your inability and ask for guidance, seniors will happily help you to come out from the mess. And they will accept it as a good quality of yours too.

Even in your personal life,seeking forgiveness and granting forgiveness will make you a strong and trust worthy person.

Its no easy task to be a humble and modest youngster. It requires a brave-heart. And Brave hearts are so rare to find.

Pathum Punchihewa
Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (24th September, 2009)


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