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By Pathum Punchihewa

I have never celebrated New Year’s Eve or 31st Night or the Beginning of a New Year(NYE) or whatever you love to call it! That’s a confession not a tagline. Yes, I have been at NYE parties but I think it was another club party or a beach party to me. It doesn’t mean that I never enjoyed it but I couldn’t feel the real ‘New Year's Eve’ enthusiasm I guess! It’s funny. When I was enjoying a NYE party with a fervent crowd, when I participated the most spotted even of the New a Year Eve, the New Year countdown, I really felt like I am counting decreasing numbers to Saturday from Friday! The feeling was not about being apathetic or lukewarm, but the core idea is that New Year is just another dawn of another day to me!

Now that idea is discouraging and definitely sounds pathetic but there is something else too. Even though the ‘Countdown’ was funny to me, I really enjoyed the moment as I would enjoy any dawn of the year, and for me, each and every sunrise is a miracle, beginning of everyday is amazing and hence I couldn’t get thrilled by  31st night. And that explains everything. If everyday is a miracle to somebody, specified days or celebrations becomes useless. He celebrates each and everyday! Your whole life –no matter short or long- becomes an Adrenaline rushed rollercoaster ride!

If you also fit to the above profile, I must say either you are a cynic or you really have learnt the art of living, the beauty of existence. Being a cynic is not so easy but becoming the second choice is arduous than the first choice.

Now, about the mortality part of the story... “Life is like a daffodil” and we bloom, we smile with the sun and we fade in such a short time. That story is old but inevitable. We all know the truth and we just pretend like we don’t know or we can’t see.  And that’s the perfect key to open the doors of the realm of life.

When you open the gates to this new ‘reality’ of life, such things as egos, rivalries, competitions and selfishness become mere words. You become a person that easily forgives, rarely keep burdens, always loves to smile and understand unconditional love. That’s the beauty of living, if you ask me!

Life is not easy but it is beautiful. Life might be short but it doesn’t matter if you have enough time to go out and see the world before you die. Life is mortal but you can always do your part for the world and leave a legacy!

If you can understand life is short, you better live it while you can, if you can understand  life is beautiful no matter if its long or short, if you can live your short life without regrets and depressions, you don’t have to be a part of a roaring crowd who awaits for a ‘New Year’ every year. Looking for a ‘change’ looking for a reason to ‘change’! Then everyday becomes a miracle in front of your eyes. And I write this to share that heavenly feeling with you…439085546_11c0163573

Published on  Daily Mirror (06th January 2011)


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