Stories of the open road

Tales of a Vagabond...

By Love Guru aka Pathum Punchihewa

Other men said they have seen angels,

But I have seen thee
And thou art enough.

~ G. Moore ~

When you saw that charming woman you definitely fell head over heels for her, had a crush on her and was even willing to start the great battle of Marathon to win her over.

The same old story... tell me pal, now she is your life partner, as she says you are her ‘prince’. When you look at her eyes, what do you see?

There are a lot of answers for that question starting from ‘love’, I know. Do you think you can see ‘future’ through her eyes? If you say yes, that’s good, because you have already established that she is your angel. And guiding is what angels do best!

Being together is beautiful. And in that beautiful relationship, there should be more things, such as supportiveness. There should be other things as well but supportiveness is a element that’s not essential to keep the love story alive however it, keeps your goals alive and makes you the one you should become while keeping your ambitions in track.

I have seen many a time what a girl and her love can do to a man. She can make him the ‘winner’ or simply a ‘loser’. I have sadly seen this process having a reverse affect. She loves you no doubt, but if she is a disturbance to your career, and if she doesn’t want you to become what you were meant to be, that’s bad. This scenario happened to a very close friend of mine, his ex girl friend was the reason behind it. His talents were on edge of ruin because of her. Even love has no a right to keep one’s talents from serving the world.

Now, my friend is planning to achieve higher things in life thanks to his right soul mate. Despite the hard times he is in cloud 9, and is planning to do big things together as a couple. She has become the driving force behind is hunger to succeed. And he simply says with love, “you are my cappuccino who makes me live!”

- Love Guru

Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (19 August 2010)


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