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By Pathum Punchihewa

Those hazards are always cyclic, if somebody draws a time line through incidents. And the pattern is always the same. Energetic and curious teens that are ready to face new challenges, experiment things… and new ‘products’ always gearing up, promising ecstasy and ‘safety’… and parents and guardians who know nothing about those things until the big curtain collapse to the floor… complete the plot.

The ‘safety’ part is always tricky and methods keep changing. That ‘safety’ is never concern about victims of those ‘products’, but it is very much concerned about “how can we avoid the attention of authorities and adults” fact… easy to transport, no one get suspicious, it is just a pill, after all.

Yes, no more fascinating words, we are talking about drugs its victims, teenagers! From time to time many narcotics from cannabis to Ketamine to LSD to methamphetamine came out to the market, into hands of school children and teens.

The effect is intensive, the result is fatal, the issue is considerably dangerous and it is time to talk! This is Uth Talk…

Well...teens usually get addicted to drugs due to stress and maybe they do that because their friends do it...and specifically due to problems with their parents or maybe their love life…

I totally disagree with teens getting addicted to drugs... if they have a problem they should talk to someone…

A Student
Dhivya Malalasekara (Age 15)

The teenage years are a time when life defining decisions are made. Although inexperienced but inquisitive, teenagers should not be a vulnerable entity, they should know the difference between few minutes and many years.

By taking drugs can have few minutes of pleasure (if you can ever call it that) and ruin many promising years ahead. Why succumb to whatever the pressure that is driving towards drugs? Teenagers should be strong willed and moreover rational. A teenager should be capable enough to understand himself/herself before understanding what others want from him/her. Teen-age is the best time to do it. Those precious 7 years are not for faint hearted, easily manipulated ones but for strong willed and rationally capable individuals.

The best advice I can give to them is for them to engage in different activities and enjoy the time. You need different activities as one single activity might get boring and eventually you might lose interest. You can engage in educational activities, sports, community service, literary activities and music which will help you to find who you are. Once you find that answer or at least you have a faint idea, you know what the world needs from you. Sorry if I have to disappoint you, but the answer to that is always the same. The world needs drug-free teenagers who are capable of handling their and the community's future challenges. Are you there my brothers and sisters?

Asanka Nuwanpriya
University of Moratuwa '09

Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (26 August 2010)


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