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Love hearts... I know. And the loneliness is terrible;isn't it? What's next? Let me guess bro. You are listening to sad love songs all the day, feeling nostalgic and trying to keep your sorrowful mood forever. Of course you were a romantic lover and now you deserve it.Is that what you think? :)

You are single now :) yeah... Its not that funny. But think, how free you are now...You don't need to reserve your weekends anymore, you don't have to pay a huge phone bill anymore. You are free.

Anyway being a nit wit is not the answer.Watch some good movies. Listen to the good music.(try jazz) Go out with your friends. Dance all night with a gal you met in the club.(I said just dance; No Alcohol) You will realize that the life is still colourful.

So my dear brothers,the world will never stop whirling for your sad mood. Just get over it. Enjoy being a free bird again. And Gals...Don't charge at me whenever we meet...!

Love Guru aka Pathum Punchihewa
Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (17th September, 2009)


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