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If you are a butterfly, you may know that how long you have to walk to be a butterfly. Of course you were not born as a butterfly; but one day you will be a butterfly…

‘Who are you?’ As a teen, you may ask that question many times from yourselves. Even today, in a complicated social system many youngsters confuse with such questions, “who am I? What I can do? Or what I can not do?”

All girls and boys like to think about themselves as charming, sweet, cute kind hearted and talented persons. Maybe you got those qualities. But many of them never reach their true potential and flop on the way without knowing what just happened.

Sad, if you are among that modern day, typical youth majority, it’s time to ask that question again, “Who am I?”

Learning about true and existing ‘you’ is a matter of maturity. Just get rid of the school mentality first. In your dream world, you may be the star, the hotshot. But don’t forget. In real life nobody treats you as a prince or a princess. Life will be a bed of rose pastels only if you endure life with its true meanings.

‘Learning to learn’… that is the basic lesson for all teenagers. You are not enlightened about every thing in life.You may gained values in your school time, you maybe far beyond your age. But in this highly commercialized society you are a ‘fresher’. Society expects many qualifications from you, instead of your ‘attitudes’. And you may easily lose your values too.

Now you will say, “Let’s change this society”. Wait, if you need to change it, first learn the rules of the game, gain the qualifications to be a part of it and then try to change it. Just learn the art of learning.

Be brave enough to understand your failures and mistakes. That will make you stranger in your journey. Each time you correct your mistakes yourself, you will learn a new lesson which nobody can teach you. Be humble enough to accept when somebody points out a mistake of yours. It never decreases your pride but surely increase your value. 

You may enjoy being the ‘baby’ of your working team. But don’t expect much pal. Being ‘youngest kid’ and being ‘a professional young man or a woman’ is on the two edges.So try to be a professional of what ever you are doing.

We are all born to be somebody I should say. Some just live and die without knowing their purpose. Some understand their true potential, work for it and become 'the man'.

Remember this always. If you really want to be a butterfly some day, just work for it.

Pathum Punchihewa
Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (September 17th, 2009)


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