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Before I start the article, let’s face the facts. Children and young adults know it, but they really don't know enough about it. Yet, something is wrong, something is missing and that missing ingredient creates havoc. Yes, I am talking about ‘sex’ and the purpose of this article is to identify the missing ingredients, for greater good.

Today why do we need to discuss such a taboo subject in mainstream society? Is it really a taboo subject? For the second question, my answer is No with a capital N! The first question is something that mainstream society should answer. I could answer the question on behalf of mainstream society although I do not belong to it. The so called ‘Taboo’ subject needs to be discussed in public as the ship of mainstream society is wrecking slowly but surely. As the next generation, or more technically Millennials or Net Gens, Zee or Y gens, it becomes our responsibility to talk about it.

First of all I would like to come up with the word ‘Sexual Hypocrisy’. Before I start with it, let me tell you a story. In a Sinhala Blog space, recently I saw some blog posts regarding the responsibility of protecting our cultural norms and values. The writer suggested a few ideas and ‘decent fashion for women’. He strongly recommends that miniskirts create havoc in the Sri Lankan culture. The saddest part is, the writer of this blog wasn’t just an old fogey, but a young man, a member of our generation!

That was the pre-story and now we move on with the story. As a little kid, once I read about the beauty of Bali Islands. The writer describes the race as being hospitable and pleasant. The women never covered the top half of their body. They had nicely built figures from childhood from carrying weights on their heads.  Furthermore, the writer describes the beauty of the Bali waterfalls and people bathing under these waterfalls without any gender difference.  The writer mentions that nobody even looks at each other with a wrong intention or idea.

The writer describes Bali Islands as one of most peaceful Islands with a very low rate of crime. That includes sexual harassments too!

Love_is_in_black_and_white_by_leebronte Now back to the topic. Does the fault lie in your ‘miniskirt’ or in your eyes? Women are an aesthetic creation no doubt, and you can admire them. But that gives you no right to mix cultural values with personal hypocrisy.

No need to discuss more about this, since you are wise enough you can apply the story above to all aspects of sexual hypocrisy in Sri Lanka.

Now, to sexual Idiosyncrasy.  That’s in fact not a fault of yours. Sri Lankan mainstream society labels ‘sexual education’ as a taboo. Why is sexual education so important?  

‘Sexually Transmitted Diseases’ or STD has become one of the major health problems in several countries and gladly Sri Lanka is not on top of the list, but is quite high.

When to start sex education, how much information to give and who should give it, highlights yet again the societal debate about sex and sexual taboos in Sri Lanka, that has became a latest discussion these days. 

In sex education, important and accurate information about sexuality for both boys and girls are given depending on their age. It will be unfair and stupid to ignore or push aside the fact that they are aware of their sexuality. Sex education should naturally be integrated into their lives, as they grow up, both by the parents, teachers and society, in a very mature way. Parents should answer their children's questions properly and give information according to their level of exposure and maturity.

As I mentioned earlier, it is time to talk about these ‘taboo’ subjects that destroy the society completely. Remember patriotism or the responsibility of saving a culture is good as far as you are well grounded and you have a proper vision and a philosophy!


By Pathum Punchihewa

Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (25th November 2010)


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