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Unfortunately Love Guru’s Wicked Cupid week is not over and Love Guru is  suspicious whether the credit for this goes to the turbulent weather or if the Apocalypse approaches.

Recently, Love guru had to experience a really hurtful incident. One of Love Guru’s friends, a girl attempted  suicide with an overdose of medical drugs. As Love Guru believes that if you fulfill your purposes of life and if you are out of purposes, death is better than an aimless life. But you should read that inner idea carefully. For such a stage, you have to find and fulfill your purposes of life, your tasks for the world and you have to successfully accomplish them. And a broken love affair is not a cause for a suicide attempt! Never!!

“Suicide in any relationship or out of relationship is not right. This symbolizes a cowardice act that people do in desperation when they do not see any hope in their life. In fact these people forget that nothing is impossible if they work hard and dedicate their life in achieving whatever they want in their life. Suicide does not solve anything.” I found this quote in a web forum and I totally agree.

531-have-you-ever-been-hurt And there is another thing I should add. Why do you feel like you’ve been forsaken if your love ignores you? Is it because you fully depend on that person? Or is it pure love? I believe the first answer is more accurate.

There is another hidden idea that is covered with hypocrisy on ‘love hurt- suicidal mental stages’.  You might simply want to grab the attention of your love; you want to make him or her feel that you are suffering because of him. And I don’t need to mention about the ‘mental soup’ of self-sympathy amalgamated with elegiac feelings and stupidity as well as a lack of vision.

Life is precious and it’s a rollercoaster ride, get rid of extreme craving for love and attention. Just learn to love the world. Live to fulfill what you meant to be and after then die well…

By ‘Love Guru’ aka Pathum Punchihewa

Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (02nd December 2010)


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