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In our sweet old college days, we thought ‘this is the hardest part of life’. But I am sure when you step in to professional life; these thoughts may change. Yes, a young professional who has just started his or her career has a lot of things to learn. There are traps, pitfalls, quick sands and many other hazards. Facing them and reaching the goal is not something easy.

There is one major issue that almost every professional has to face, and we are going to talk about it. “Conflict of emotions and profession”. Indeed this is something that can be discussed through reels of articles and is a common issue nowadays.

First of all, we should all realize ‘one’ thing as a young professional. “Nobody is doing a charity service”. Even if the institution is to do with press or media, and has a vision to change the social perspectives, it still is just a business. The core idea is you can render a service to the society, to the nation through your profession but never forget that you work for good money. You are not working without a wage, are you?

With that explanation, you are in a place where you can rethink your behaviour in your work place. In working schedules, impacts with your colleagues are not rare. But you should understand that those arguments should end with the particular work. If you keep the animosity furthermore, that’s when this discussion will arise, ‘mixing business with emotions’.

Always remember, one day you may leave the current working place. And you might meet your workplace enemies again some day. What if you cannot smile with them on that day? What will you gain? A promotion? Never…

Anyone will have affection for their own working place, no doubt. But again, there is a slight difference between this and worrying too much about work affairs. You should worry if you are not capable of performing your duties, fulfilling your responsibilities. But if the share market is in hot waters and this effects your company, thinking about it and spending sleepless nights never helps the company or yourself. Just make sure you do your part for the company and leave it at that.

Are you a professional who mixes pleasure with business? That is one major problem that almost any young professional faces and finds hard to draw margins in between. This attitude mainly causes favoration problems. Then erupts problems about your good name... Never get caught up between emotions and career. You will have to pay a much larger price for it.

In your professional life, you will meet various kinds of people. Weird people, kind people, hypocrites, tactful people, cunning people… But among all of them, the only factor you have to keep in your mind is this is your work place, all are co-workers and you are not here forever. Just keep aside peoples’ qualities whether you like them or not, just focus on your career. Keeping a proper distance will help you channel your attention on work and avoid bitter situations.

Never mix professional life with emotions… this is vital…

By Pathum Punchihewa

Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (03rd June, 2010)


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