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An interview with a new age photographer: Lakshan Ferdinando

By Pathum Punchihewa

A photograph is something that portrays the sudden moments of aesthetic phenomena hidden beneath the formal world we see. A photographer is someone who captures those moments to a frame by balancing light and darkness and making them eternal, as a photograph.

Lakshan Ferdinando is a promising photographer of the millennium or let’s say an artist who creates drawings using light and shade, creatively.

Today, young Lakshan Ferdinando is shaping up his career as a commercial photographer, wedding photographer and a special event photographer. Many leading companies select young Lakshan as he has gained a name as a veteran commercial photographer.

Among such hectic lifestyles and schedules with photo shoots, weddings and special events, this young photographer always keeps his appetite on off-beat, art house photography.

He always believes in creativity. It plays the supportive role for Lakshan in his career and it bears a hand to make his foundation strong in such a competitive field as photography.

Lakshan’s style is creative, his senses are genuine. His prominent theme is nature. He is allured by nature. His ardent passion of nature and creative eye combines to a drawing of light and shade. He attracts any eye to his photographs by using available light, as his many outdoor photographs characterize this special ability in him just like his professional mastery and acumen.

Lakshan is a third generation photographer; hence he inherited this profession from his beloved father. As a little kid of the family he has granted the sole support to his elder sisters and parents through his chosen career.

In school, Lakshan was the official photographer for almost every event of the college. He completed his secondary education at St. Benedict's College, Kotahena. With a sound educational background, Lakshan was able to gain the essential practical knowledge from the school ground for his future career.

As he believes, Sri Lankan natural landscapes, beautiful sceneries and even wildlife are a paradise from God, especially for a photographer. He believes that with the combination of those natural gifts in Sri Lanka and the intrinsic talent; anybody can create a masterpiece of photography. This philosophy is recreated in his photographs too.

As a millennial, a child of new age, this young photographer also loves modern cutting edge technologies. He often uses 35mm SLR Digital or Analog cameras. He thinks technology provides a great ignition for new generation photographers.

With his experience as a veteran photographer Lakshan likes to share a few words.

Define “a Photographer”…

A creative eye behind the camera which is in love with the lens.

Describe your Commercial photography 101…

As a commercial photographer, I always keep my eye on lighting. It is an essential element to keep very good and effective lighting conditions even if you use available light.

If a model belongs to the photo shoot especially I consider the expressions of the model. Capturing the model’s ‘right moment’ is sometimes ‘tricky’ but very convincing for commercial photography. And I believe the ‘right moment’ is an important philosophy for every photographer.

Also I give weight to the post production part too. I use technology to fashion photographs. And colours… something I concentrate on very much.

Oft-times I change conditions from situation to situation.

What is your motto?

‘To remember…’

Today we see many teens who love photography and dream of becoming a photographer some day. Even today there are many photographers crowded among us hoping to become commercial photographers or art-house photographers.

Nevertheless Lakshan Ferdinando has a vision and a belief as a photographer, despite the commercial success, he is always a lover of art, a man of nature… thus he has chosen such a path to click.

Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (21st January 2010)


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