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Twilight: New Moon

As nobody wants to believe in anything beyond their consciousness,
many legends, folklore remain to be fictitious. But despite all other
fellow humans, Bella Swan knows always the mysterious folklore behind
the dark, solitary libraries are very true, as an example, Vampires and

Nobody can believe those dark legends than Bella as she fell in love
with a dire charming, deadly strong, young and handsome vampire, Edward
Cullen. Nobody can understand those mysterious myths than Bella as her
best friend; Jacob Black is a long haired, shape-shifting giant
werewolf with superhuman strength, agility and senses. Yes, we are
talking about the second saga of the Twilight franchise, ‘New Moon’.

As the Twilight first movie, New moon also presents an action packed
story line of battles between vampires and werewolves which  is
intertwisted with romance between Edward Cullen and Bella Swan.

The last time we see saw Bella Swan she was narrowly escaping the
clutches of the evil vampire James while finding love with
theoretically ''vegetarian'' vampire Edward Cullen. Bella and Edward's
lives have been full of nothing but love and bliss however, it all
changes one fateful day. On Bella's birthday, her new found friend and
sister of Edward, Alice, decides to throw her a lavish party, complete
with balloons, ribbons and cake that could feed an army. All is well
until Bella accidentally cuts her finger whilst opening a present. The
result is that Jasper Hale, the newest addition to the Cullen clan,
succumbs to his blood lust and attacks Bella.

Then Edward decides that while he and his family are around, Bella's
life will always be at risk. So he decides to leave her for her own
good. Bella feels her life is over. Enter Jacob Black, a member of the
Quilite tribe who manages to bring some joy and meaning back into
Bella's life. However as the two become closer, Bella discovers Jacob
has a secret of his own; he's a werewolf, A member of historical
enemies of vampires.

Now, Bella can't seem to get the love of her life, Edward out of her
mind. With new dangers, new friends and new enemies, Bella finds
herself choosing between holding on to the past or accepting a new
future. But what and more importantly who will she choose?

If talking about the box office records, the Twilight Saga: New Moon set
records as the biggest midnight opening in United States and Canada box
office history.

Twilight fans all over the world fell in love with this chapter of the
Twilight saga and suddenly the best friend of Bella, Young werewolf
Jacob Black gained a huge popularity sometimes more than charming,
vegetarian vampire, Edward Cullen.

Nevertheless Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight new moon novel claimed a huge
and outstanding popularity all over the world and even in Sri Lanka
many teens suddenly were among the dark forests of the ‘Folks’, clement
romance and great battles of mighty werewolves and vampires.

Now it’s time to believe there are vampires and werewolves behind the
misty and dark woods. They are waiting for you to prove their existence
with comity and love, animosity and agony. Soon the world they knew of
tribes and ages will change forever and they will have to fight under
one flag and sacrifice their lives for the sake of eternal love.

- Pathum Punchihewa

Published on Youth Mirror - Daily Mirror (18th February, 2010)


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